The Community Strategy YOU NEED to build a paid online community

Episode 50: Find Calm creating your community strategy with Jenny Weigle

September 05, 2021 Deb Schell Season 1 Episode 50
The Community Strategy YOU NEED to build a paid online community
Episode 50: Find Calm creating your community strategy with Jenny Weigle
Show Notes

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, Jenny Weigle shares how she’s creating, executing, and reviewing strategies for online communities for more than 10 years. She's worked with more than 100 brands on various aspects of their community strategy and implementations, including launch, migration, programming, and planning. Jenny has consulted for Airbnb, Google, HP, Quickbooks, Pinterest, REI, Samsung, Sephora, Splunk, Visa, and many more. 

When she's not geeking out on community strategy, Jenny spends time in Los Angeles with her partner, John, and stepdaughter. In her personal life, she is a proud member of a number of communities: Southern California Gator Club, Spiritual Sisters of Los Angeles (which she founded), Oak Park LA (CrossFit), Sofar Sounds, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, and others.

Show notes:

2:40: Jenny starts by explaining what interested her in building a community. The beginning of her career focused on the social media community, which was the one-to-many type of interactions, but then switched focus to enterprise brand communities with more one-to-one interactions.

9:19: Jenny explains first impressions are key in retaining and growing your community, recommending an immediate personal welcome message. Set clear expectations for what the experience is going to be like for founding members.

17:15: When opening her workshops, Jenny shares she likes to lead by having everyone think about communities they are a part of and what value they get from it, helping individuals envision the community they want to create.

22:49: Jenny touches on features she would enjoy seeing in the industry; for example, the marriage of audio form platforms with enterprise communities and to start seeing more senior positions with appropriate titles. She mentions platforms she prefers, with the recommendations being dependent on each individual clients’ needs.

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Deb Schell is the founder of Find Calm Here LLC, an online consulting agency supporting entrepreneurs, founders, creators, and speakers as they build, launch, and grow a paid online membership. As a community strategist, Deb helps clients find calm in the community-building process through the CALM Method of Clarity, Awareness, Learning, and Motion so that they can lead with energy, confidence, and purpose. She brings together entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed with building, launching, and growing their paid online membership and offers strategies that can be used on any online platform by offering a great member experience by helping others transform. Join Us! 

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