The Community Strategy YOU NEED to build a paid online community

Episode 49: Find Calm validating your online community offers with Hudson Phillips

August 29, 2021 Deb Schell Season 1 Episode 49
The Community Strategy YOU NEED to build a paid online community
Episode 49: Find Calm validating your online community offers with Hudson Phillips
Show Notes

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, Hudson Phillips, the host of ScriptBlast, shares insights on how he discovered community, why he launched his community on the Mighty Networks, and how he’s learned so much in just a year of hosting this online community. 

His community ScriptBlast brings together screenwriters who struggle with navigating the ups and downs of the journey to help them write with ease and joy. 

As an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, Hudson has produced the feature film This World Alone, released in May of this year. 

With this experience and as the Creative Director for Uplink Marketing, he brings over 25 years of design, branding, copywriting, and marketing experience to the communities he leads. 

 With his community-building experience, he also supports Village Canopy Life, an online community working to transform the lives of children and communities in rural Kenya. 

In this episode we discuss: 

2:37: Phillips begins by explaining what got him interested in community building: 16 years of struggling with breaking into the screenwriting world and not feeling like he had a safe space to talk about struggles. ScriptBlast started as a social media account, but already being part of a Mighty Network, he made the switch.

11:35: Deb and Phillip compare the passive nature of social media to an active community. Phillip touches on how by listening to his community, he was able to alleviate the pressure of creating content when what the community wanted was engaging events.

15:20: Phillip talks about ScriptBlast, his screenwriting community, and CanopyLife, a non-profit client community that runs an entrepreneurial school in Kenya. He also touches on re-assessing goals as to why the group exists when managing engagement expectations.

22:09: There are many factors that go into community engagement, as Phillip discusses people who prefer being silent observers and also the seasonality of summer months being quiet while people are busy and traveling.

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